Employee Management

EyeSmarty can be used to assign roles and responsibilities properly to manage human resource efficiently.

Employee management software that can be used for assigning roles and tasks.
Assign employees the right task for their skillset.
Add employees of your company and define their designations.
Easy to manage employees working remotely by using employees management system.
It provides you full employees control to manage employees and their tasks in such a way that there are no project bottlenecks.

Helping people produce more in less time

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Employee management
Productivity of employees

EyeSmarty is one easy to use platform for measuring productivity of your employees

With EyeSmarty you cannot only measure performance of your workers but can also manage your projects, milestones and their tasks along with communicating with your employees via audio/video calls and screen sharing with much more other features such as project budget tracking and customer invoicing.

EyeSmarty is an easy to use tool with best team management system

The most challenging task of HR is to evaluate employees performance.This task of HR work is now made fun through EyeSmarty, now all of the manual work is done automatically.

One Easy to use scalable platform for managing your projects and employees evaluation

EyeSmarty is a platform where you can utilize your time in an efficient manner keeping in view your project's milestones and tasks, it also helps you to make your workplace paper free.

EyeSmarty is not only helpful for managing your in-house employees but it is one of the best solution for the management of remote workers as well.

EyeSmarty enables to keep all the employees connected through its best communication system like audio/video calls, screen sharing and live screen monitoring.

Project management
Performance Evaluation

EyeSmarty provides complete understanding of your HR in a glimpse

The Dashboard of EyeSmarty is the most commonly used tool by the Project Manager which enables him to make changes according to the need of ongoing projects.It helps in modification of permissions to different team members according to the project's requirements. Different reports can be generated through Admin Dashboard.Its effective use can give performance report of each and every worker of the project which enables the Admin to make decisions regarding performance evaluation.

We are one of the best solution for all the challenges faced by your business like productivity measurement, time tracking, budgeting, invoicing and much more.

Be ready for what comes next wait and watch what more EyeSmarty can bring for you

If you want to switch your business to the latest trends and technology then you made right decision of using EyeSmarty.

EyeSmarty helps managers to make decisions at every step by monitoring employees performance.

EyeSmarty tracks time, measures performance, evaluate tasks and milestones according to the provided deadlines, it enables the managers to make right decision on right time as to what type of changes are required according to the projects need.

EyeSmarty is smooth and easy to use tool that can be trusted by all the managers and business owners for a clear increase in productivity of their employees.

EyeSmarty is further developing with every passing day to meet the latest trends.A trustworthy tool where your data is as secure as in your own hands.

EyeSmarty is not only built to manage your employees working inside the office but it made the concept of workplace and space meaningless. You can work remotely from anywhere you want to, as you are connected with your team through its robust communication system. It enables you to customize its features according to your own business needs.

Manage your employees

We provide a better way to manage your projects and monitor productivity of your workers.

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