Productivity Monitoring

EyeSmarty is a powerful productivity monitoring software and professional real-time screen monitoring tool which can help you monitor your employees working on your projects in-house or remotely.

Monitor an employee or employees remotely without time delay.
Have complete employee productivity monitoring to keep an eye on employees without visiting them in person.
Monitor desktops in real-time for safe data handling.
View the screens of employees to check their activities without walking to their desks.
Employees do not notice in any way that they are being watched during their working hours.
This is important because studies have shown that up to 30% of staff time is spent on social networking and entertainment websites, playing games, and watching videos.
Use EyeSmarty to increase your employees performance by reducing their unproductive time.

Productivity of your employees can be seen at a glance.

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Real-time screen monitoring
Productivity monitoring

How can we track Productivity of our employees?

Nowadays the world is moving at such a faster pace in terms of technological development that everybody is trying to spend less time to get more benefit out of it to cope with this subtle change. The business owners are always striving to get such tools & technologies that can benefit their businesses more in less time. The business owners’ priorities their tasks in such a way that the efficiency and productivity of their employees increase at a much faster rate during this flourishing process. One of the major issues faced by the managers during the developmental process is to judge which employee or employees are more productive than others, and rank them for moral boosting and rewards purposes.

Major purpose of using Productivity monitoring software is to judge all the employees objectively and having complete picture regarding their strengths and weaknesses, their attitude towards their job and pinpointing the areas in which a little effort can produce awesome results.

By using Productivity monitoring software best performers can be identified effortlessly, and can also be rewarded accordingly. Hence these types of software can help you apply stick and carrot rule in its true spirit. By using productivity management software effectively, the business owners can observe a vertical increase in their business development and production and can become the leading tycoon within no time.

Is the Productivity management system a threat to employees?

The concept of Productivity management system as a threat no longer exists. Previously it was considered as a watch dog or a hanging sword over heads but actually it is not so. It is an outclass invention through which the productivity of employees gets multiplied within days. As mentioned already that it identifies strengths & weaknesses, the pace of work being done and the required pace as well, which enables the companies streamline their work and make right decisions in right time by deploying right person in right place.

One of the major advantages of Productivity management software is that it clearly shows either the person issued with a certain task is worthy of it or not. It actually shows the business owner whether the employee is just killing time or utilizing it effectively and productively. An honor board for the top achievers can be displayed on daily basis to encourage other employees as well. As the managers and business owners are monitoring their employees at regular intervals through the productivity monitoring system, it ensures the safe handling of their company’s sensitive data.

A major factor in the successful implementation of productivity management or tracking system is that the business owners or the companies should have an orientation with their employees for complete understanding of the software so that the users should know in advance what is required out of them, what are their roles and responsibilities and what are their boundaries. This practice will build confidence of the employees for effective use and handling of software and results will be much more productive. By knowing the boundaries, the employees will strictly restrict themselves to the verge already defined, hence it will reduce the risk of conflict. Knowing one’s own job and limits will enable to build a relation of certitude between the employee and employer.

Productivity management system
Productivity monitoring software

What are the Most Advantageous Aspects of Productivity Monitoring Software for My Business Specifically?

Studies have shown that productivity and efficiency of employees have increased manifold by using Productivity management system. It enabled to build teams in an effective way, as through productivity management system one can get a clear picture that which employee can work at his best in which area and with which team. It also identifies the time in which the employees’ energies towards work and productivity is at its peak. It also enables the business owners to distribute work according to the capabilities of the employees in a justified manner and also sharing load of overworked employees. As the employees are being watched constantly the threat of data breach is zero. Hence the Productivity Management system is a dynamic shift in the world of business development.

We provide a better way to manage your projects and monitor productivity of your workers.

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