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EyeSmarty is a task management software that takes screenshots of the user’s screen after a random interval of time.

EyeSmarty is the best task management app which periodically takes screenshots of employees' screens to ensure that they are handling sensitive data securely and whether they are working on their assigned task or not.
Work diary of your employees ensure that you don’t miss anything important.
EyeSmarty ensures efficient use of working hours.
Save Screenshots you might like to refer for feedback.
EyeSmarty Keeps record of employees' daily activities.

EyeSmarty is one of the best task management system for your successful business.

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Productivity monitoring

Task Management Software

It is always better to choose an employee productivity monitoring software that has also built-in task management system as well. Task management feature helps manage not only tasks of each milestone but it also helps manager identify which task was assigned to whom and whether task in progress is delayed or will be completed in time. Task management system also helps manager in very important decision making regarding prioritizing their day-to-day tasks.

It is always very important to know one’s requirement before choosing any kind of task management app as these kinds of systems are supposed to increase performance rather increasing your work load which would ultimately decrease your overall efficiency.

EyeSmarty’s Built-in Task Management System

In these modern days, most of the team members working on various projects are located in different countries and demand for project to complete in time has also increased many folds that is why old methods of managing Projects and their related milestone and tasks are no more effective that is why these days a modern task management software must provide real-time monitoring and visibility in order to complete projects within stipulated time period and this kind of new demand have made features like GANTT charts, whiteboards etc. redundant and these features have been replaced by productivity monitoring and live screen monitoring systems.

And as we know that not all available software in the market provides these kinds of features and many available task management software provides features which are not even required by us that is why before taking any kind of decision regarding selection of task management software, one need to know one’s requirements and how these requirements are met by each available task management system.

Productivity management system
Productivity monitoring software

For instance, if you are dealing one of the three or more different scenarios:

In first scenario If you are facing a big challenge of managing different departments with more than 500 employees working from different locations and you want to manage your scattered workforce with their maximum performance.

And in second scenario if you are responsible for managing projects having small or medium size team and your teams are located on same place and you want to manage their work flow and assigned tasks.

And in third scenario if you are freelancer or individual professional and you are looking to manage different projects of your clients, having their different milestone and tasks and you want to give complete visibility of your projects to your clients.

EyeSmarty is the only platform, that is developed and designed in such a unique and innovative way, that is useful and effective not only for all above mentioned three scenarios but can also be effective for any other scenario as well. Whereas most of the other competing systems of EyeSmarty are either useful in one scenario or other, as their maximum use in one case may be cumbersome and time consuming in other case.

EyeSmarty empowers businesses & companies hire all kinds of professionals at global level without the need of relocating them to other countries. This is made possible only through EyeSmarty’s very effective and unique features of employee productivity monitoring and live screen monitoring. Now through proper implementation of EyeSmarty, mangers can hire & monitor talented people throughout the world.

EyeSmarty not only helps performance evaluation of your employees but it also helps managers identify the actual work load of their employees that helps them adjust and readjust the work of their employees.

We provide a better way to manage your projects and monitor productivity of your workers.

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