Team Management

EyeSmarty is one of the best team management software that allows you to keep employees engaged and help them develop their skills so they can contribute more to your company.

Team lead can assign and check tasks.
Creating teams for better workflow.
Assigning milestone to teams.
Actively involve all project members in a team for work management and improved productivity.
This team management app allows you to assign tasks to each team member to keep them involved.
Teamwork improves the skill set as well as the efficiency of your employees which is vital for the success of any performance improvement plan.

Use this team management system to manage and monitor your team's performance.

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Team Management
Team Management System

Team Management System

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. For smooth and successful functioning of a business or company collegiality and synergism is the key. Gone are the days when a manager is always running around the desks or calling employees time and again for feedback or gathering information about certain tasks. Now a lot of Team Management software are available in the market that not only enhance team coordination and reciprocity but also make a major shift in productivity curve and work quality. Certain teams can be managed only by the use of time tracker but once the team is involved in more technical tasks time tracker solely doesn’t provide perfect solution. Here arises the need of team management software, app or system.

Through a team management system, a task will be created and the employees will be assigned with tasks according to their relevant skill sets. Every single minute spent on the task is tracked through built-in time tracker, screenshots are taken on regular intervals and the stored data can be viewed through screenshots and work diary. The managers should be smart enough to choose the best suited software for their business depending upon the size of the team and work nature.

Why to choose EyeSmarty as team management system?

Amongst the systems and time management apps available in the market EyeSmarty standout for its best and unique features.

EyeSmarty enables its users not to track time only but also give a clear picture of productive and un-productive time. It ranks its users and team members working on certain tasks according to their performance through its member analytics report. The manager can interact with the entire team through its built-in audio/video calls, screen sharing and live screen monitoring. Whether the team members are sitting in the office or working remotely, EyeSmarty gives a sense of togetherness as all the team members are connected with each other. The manager or the project head can give the required feedback right on spot. As the star board can be viewed by all the members of the project showing top performers of the project, it results in moral boosting with enhanced performance/productivity of the other members as well.

Budgeting and budget tracking is also one of its best features. Right in the start of a project it becomes clear as how much resources in terms of money are required by the manager and even during the project one can easily check whether the recourse allocation is proper or not. Invoices can be generated through EyeSmarty on hourly and fixed basis also for each project member individually or for the entire team collectively.

Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships so selection of appropriate team management system for a business make this dream comes reality.

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We provide a better way to manage your projects and monitor productivity of your workers.

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